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1. Life Code
2. Monster's Club
3. Alien On The Last Floor
4. Ultimate Fighter
5. Serious Business
6. Reload Your Hardware
7. Sector 101
8. Evolved Brain
9. Future Light

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Parabola Music
Future Light
(CD / Digital Download)
Release date:8/2017


Parabola Music is back with a world class leader of the Fullon Psytrance movement none other than leading Mexican producer 'Attik' presenting his latest exclusive album 'Future Light'. With his non-stop tours and frequent top billing on major international festivals you have by now heard of this amazing performer. Jose Manuel aka Attik is excited as we are to finally release this super packed new chapter of complete with 9 blazing tracks each fine-tuned for maximum dance floor excitement. Starting with the opener, Life Code you can feel the energy building! With the 2nd track, Monster's Club, you get an immediate sense that your mind is getting energized and new thoughts will appear. But then you encounter the 3rd song, Alien On The Last Floor, and maybe you might be going a little crazy. You get your mojo back by the 4th tune, Ultimate Fighter and around this point you feel indestructible. In fact by the 5th section, Serious Business, you really will be at the peak of your game. Careening on towards 6th, it's time to Reload your Hardware, and luckily, Attik is just the man of the job. When suddenly you arrive at Sector 101 and you know that you have arrived at the top. 8's Evolved Brain is a clear indicator of your successful journey. Finally installing that mystical power your soul journey through this musical odyssey to enhance yourself has achieved success with the crescendo 'Future Light'. No doubt this album will become a solid asset for your DJ set arsenal and also a constant companion in your travel music collection as this continues to grow and evolve in your list of favorite albums from 2017. Strong, robust, innovative and clever are just few adjectives that could label Attik but it's only after listening to the precise and elegant power that he produces that one understands what Attik really means. His debut album on Catalyst Rec hit the top of the charts, and many vs tracks, singles on compilations and solo EPs with leading labels like 247, Ovnimoon, Solartech, Grasshopper, Global Army, Geomagnetic, Parabola, Blacklight, United Beats, Expo, Wakyo, Lua and more. His 2nd album 'Danger On Earth' with Geomagnetic is still getting played 2 years after it was released. Now his 3rd album 'Future Light' is on track to become the hit of the summer!

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