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1. Why Do We Hate ?
2. Simply

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Psytribe Records
Why Do We Hate ?
(Digital Download)
Release date:8/2017


Psytribe Records is proud to present the latest EP from the talented duo of CeZZers, featuring two brand new dangerously sharp tracks ready to slice and dice their way into your hearts. CeZZers possesses a freakishly deep groove that is manufactured by blending multiple styles and genres to create a natural hybrid world of sounds where rules do not apply. We begin with the Title Track “Why Do We Hate”, a tune that showcases the cutting edge vision of CeZZers’s universe. As metal guitar shards mingle with an addicting bass and deep sci-fi synth notes, delicate sounds float around elegantly.This track builds into a powerful groove that will make you dance and smile and never want to stop. Next, Dive Deeper with “Simply Be”, as we explore what it means to have your world rocked by CeZZers’s far out touch. This tune is laced with a seasoned bass and spicy leads that grab hold of your mind and send you to place where anything is possible. Your journey to this crazy new world is about to begin, so grab a copy of CeZZers new EP “Why Do We Hate” today on Psytribe Records! CeZZers : There are many Colors in the spectrum , And CeZZers LOVEs them all. To choose one would be too difficult a task for them. With a rich past of producing Hip Hop beats and playing along side Heavy Metal bands, the path eventually led CeZZers at the age of 17 to fall in love with Psychedelic music. CeZZers are Arye Siluk & Ran Shalev. A Psychedelic Electronic music duo from Israel. Formed in 2012, The project has preformed on many stages all around the world , from the most underground raves to the the biggest psychedelic festivals. They are Best known for their unique style called "Hybrid Psytrance" which fuses between a wide range of elements from the Psytrance music world. Their Creation is very mood based... Without any boundaries or limitations ,they take everything that has been gathered in their subconscious minds and spill it out into their tunes. Taking huge inspiration from the Cinematic music world, CeZZers have totally embraced the approach of Sound Design. In Addition to their Psytrance creations... CeZZers have developed a new form of a Psychedelic Live-Show which focuses more on their capabilities as Live musicians. The Concept of the Live-Show is that every sound and musical part is played recorded and looped in Real time, using live instruments such as Guitars , Synthesizers, Percussive Instruments and many other organic sources of sound.

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