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1. In Flux

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Ovnimoon Records
In Flux
(Digital Download)
Release date:9/2017


Ovnimoon Records has the honor to present this blasting new single from Hypnoxock called In Flux. Between 1998 and 2013 the band formed for Victor Solsona (Barcelona) and Pedro Quijada (Bilbao). Currently Victor is the only member of the band. We started experimenting with different styles,but always looking for a sound closer at the same we are doing now. The union of hard-work years in our musical careers, to transmit with our music the things we like to do. We have some influences like traditional music and ethnic musics also the most advanced tendencies, but,never stop investigating new sounds, textures and atmospheres, creating like this, our own sound. 
 The music we create is "hypnotica", Goa Trance, Psychedelic Trance with aspects music, modern and actually sound, but never forgetting the essence of the times we met. 
Intelligent music that it will transmit sensations and generates a real quality atmosphere. In 2009, goes on long awaited first CD album, Synthetic Resurrection, with the German label, AP Records (Analog Pussy Rec). 
Mastering by Johannes Regnier (Silicon Sound). Hypnoxock are here to resurrect the essence of new Psychedelic Goa Trance. The band has participated in major international festivals such as Ozora Festival, Connection Festival, Own Spirit Festival, Existence Festival, Al-Andalus Festival and in many clubs and parties around the world in countries like London, Poland, Budapest, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Greece, Nicaragua, Seattle. Hypnoxock is participating in several international compilations (Materia Records, Spectral Records, AP Records, Ovnimoon, Goa Trance Music, Zero Gravity Records). In late 2013 the band is about to be dissolved, but Victor decides to take over the project, and stay alone. 
The band's latest releases is the EP "Rewritten By Shiva" & the EP “Mental Conversations” on the popular Goa Trance Music label. Today a new studio album for 2017 on Goa Madness Records called Eurythmia. Very Trance, very Goa, very Psy, strongly textured, always hypnotic with well-built uplifting energies and the extra added twist. Hands in the air, minds far away, smiling faces, dust all around you Hypnoxock!

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