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Daily Dose
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Free Technodrome
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MAAN (Digital Download)
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The Call Of Goa
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2TO6 Records
Sounds of Spores
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Enigmatic Games
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Perfect Organism
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1. Ra
2. Ancient Memory Recovery

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Spiral Trax Records
Ra (spit099)
(Digital Download)
Release date:9/2017


Spiral Trax welcomes highly talented Germany Psytrance wizard Elegy to our label with his new two track cosmic sorcery entitled "RA" that summons up the mystical Egyptian deity to propel your musical dance floor voyage. Elegy is Daniel Mair, a psychedelic progressive trance project based in Berlin but with origins from the Alps of South Tyrol, Italy. Since young ages music has been a big part in Daniel's life, playing instruments such as guitar and piano. Always seeking to create strong atmospheric soundscapes deftly woven around strong crowd pleasing rhythms, artfully twisting your expectations and ushering in fresh innovative feelings that echo through your soul long after hearing them. Over the last years Daniel's music has been released over the whole world, with performances in mostly all Europe, but also in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Canada. Elegy released 4 Albums with Ovnimoon Records "Imaginarium", "Inside", "Reflection", and now under his new project 2Spirals "Kundalini" which got very good and promising response. Aside he released many EPs on different labels and evolving more and more in the worldwide psychedelic trance scene. Nowadays Daniel is studying Audiodesign in Berlin, working on different kind of musical productions and keeps exploring music to its infinity.

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