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1. Save Bansi
2. Happy Trails (Tech Tune rmx)

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Spiral Trax Records
Save Bansi
(Digital Download)
Release date:9/2017


Spiral Trax is excited to present our 100th digital EP! In celebration we embrace a truly great cause in the form of a benefit release for Psytrance legend and personal friend whom so many people adore, Bansi from the notorious Growling Mad Scientist music team. Tech Tune delivers a truly heart felt opener, the title track "Save Bansi" that evokes those wild and wonderful free spirited party days on the legendary island of Ibiza and reminds everyone who can to please send some donation to the "Save Bansi fund" Track two is a tremendous remix of that amazing and party fueled magical song by GMS "Happy Trails" that sends everyone sailing around the dance floor every time, now with a new twist by Tech Tune's creative wizardry. All proceeds from the sale of this EP will go to Bansi's fund. As you probably know, our friend is in a fight for his life against a rare blood disorder and every bit, even good vibes consciously sent his way will really help. Thanks everyone! Tech Tune aka Digital Drink is a solo project by Jack Molski from Poland. The story begins in 2002 when Jack found out about psychedelic trance. He always tries to share Psytrance with all friends in his hometown. Jack start making music and DJing in 2009 in his homeland. Tech Tune is part of polish Psytrance scene from 2012 as a member of the Be Psychedelic collective from Gdańsk city in Poland. He plays regularly at the local collective Rave On Trans parties indoors and outdoors. On his list of releases he has one EP (Clubdelic EP) and 3 full albums (Unreal Visions, Modern Times and Ibiza), as well as Digital Drink (Panmusic Ibiza). After that he wanted to start all over again from scratch, and as Tech Tune he released three super hot Ep's: Station EP, Legacy EP and New Born EP; all by Panmusic Ibiza in 2017. You can describe his style simply as Ibiza Psytrance, the merge of electronic music with psychedelic trance. Tech Tune from summer 2017 is part of Geomagnetic Label Family signing his first EP with Spiral Trax in honor of “Saving Bansi” in collaboration with GMS. This young, talented producer is unstoppable and preparing a debut Tech Tune album called Hyperloop...

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