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1. A brief History of Goa?-?Trance X?-?Dream

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Dacru Records
A brief History of Goa-Trance X-Dream
(Digital Download)
Release date:1/2017


Talamasca is in full preparation of his upcoming album 'A Brief History of Goa-Trance'. A special project where he tackles some of the genre's pioneering artists and tracks into a very danceable contemporary mash up version. As a prelude to what's coming you can now already enjoy his tribute to X-Dream, which he did together with Stryker.

Here's a few words from the man himself about the project:

When I first decided to make my next album a sort of 'history of Goa-Trance, mixing all of my favorite tracks from my favorite projects together, I knew that X-Dream would definitely be a part of it. I also knew that it would be a challenge to do it because they have produced so many amazing tracks throughout the years. It would prove difficult to choose the ones I would mix together. I also knew that it would be challenging because X-Dream is one of those projects that has their own sound, their own vibe, and it is always risky to work with what is considered a 'cult masterpiece of music'. I invited my partner in crime aka Stryker to the studio. He is currently one of the best producers and has been handling my mastering for years.

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