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Daily Dose
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Peace Therapy Volume 3 - Compiled by Dj Zen
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Exploration Of Space & Time
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Weird Rites and Godless Revels
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1. Return Trip
2. Crystaline Transmissions
3. The Encounter
4. Negative Charge (Return Trip)

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Shunyata Records
Return Trip
(Digital Download)
Release date:5/2017


Irish Producer Mariochainsaw releases his 4 track debut EP in collaboration with Shunyata Records. Mariochainsaw is without a doubt one of the most exciting producers in Irish underground music scene, totally experimental music which is filled with gritty mechanics combined with beautiful soundscapes, intricate sound design, and all out in sheer rawness. A distinctive sound to behold. Carving out a distinctive path for himself well into 2017 and beyond; we can only expect the high-end futuristic freshness to keep flowing from this exciting, talented producer. This creator is truly reaching on the top of his game and one who has walked an unmistakable path across the electronic music landscape. He has consistently delivered a style so unique that it sets him far ahead of the pack, evident in both his unmatched experimentations in synthesis and his trademark finely crafted percussion which is as evident in both his heavy but stripped down sound of today as well as the relentless amen barrages of the past. Mariochainsaw has made it his life’s work to consistently evolve and explore new possibilities in both sound design and arrangement. The "Return Trip - EP" is somewhat a perfect example of what this extraordinary artist has in store for you. This is a concept EP, featuring 4 tracks increasing in bpm as the EP progresses, the idea of this release is to start a journey be it outward or inward and to return changed for better or worse, while its roots are definitely in the forest psytrance genre there is something new also afoot with very spacey vibes happening to suit the concept of the EP.

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