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Forestdelic Records
Quantum Transitions
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

Blue Hour Sounds
The Dark Side of Dawn
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

Forestdelic Records
Rumble in the Jungle
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

Goa Madness Records
Memories from Goa Madness
.Various (CD / Digital Download)

Treetrolla Records
Creaking Rhythms Valley
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

Medulla Oblongata
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

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Blacklite Records
Good Vibes Connection
(Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $

Forestdelic Records
(Digipack CD / Digital Download)
10,50 - 12,35 $

Primal Visions
10,50 - 12,35 $

Samaa Records
10,50 - 12,35 $

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Rajas Records
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
2,90 - 3,41 $
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Blackout Records
Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Sadhu Records
ALIGNMENTS (Digital Download)
3,40 - 4,00 $
Ovnimoon Records
Shive Nam
PSYMON, SIXSENSE (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Flow Records
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ECHOTEK (CD / Digital Download)
10,50 - 12,35 $
Manic Dragon
weapons of mass destruction
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Dacru Records
Awaken the Dream Remixes
DIGICULT (Digital Download)
5,00 - 5,88 $
Impulse Audio Records
POPPERHNOOL (Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Dubstep Sf
Don't Pick Up
ALIIIAS (Digital Download)
1,00 - 1,18 $
Green Wizards Records
The Touch
SYNTAXIS (Digital Download)
5,40 - 6,35 $
Timelapse Records
MONTEZ (Digital Download)
1,50 - 1,76 $
Power House
Apricity Eyeshadow
STATIC NOISE BIRD (Digital Download)
7,00 - 8,24 $
Parabola Music
Underground Pacifik Society (Digital EP)
ECOSPHERE, ELECTIT (Digital Download)
3,00 - 3,53 $
Biomechanix Records
Ancient astronauts
STUNT PROJECT (Digital Download)
6,80 - 8,00 $
Iboga Records
SUNTREE (Digital Download)
1,50 - 1,76 $
Omveda Records
Horizon Shift - Compiled by Jafar
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Alchemy Records
This Sound
ATOMIC PULSE (Digital Download)
3,00 - 3,53 $
Monkey Business Records
Trance Logistics
TAARATERRA (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Biomechanix Records
Overdose Experiment
AJMAGARD (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Zenon Records
Small Talk Series Vol.4
.Various (Digital Download)
9,00 - 10,59 $
D-A-R-K- Records
Khaotic Situation
KHAOS SEKTOR (Digital Download)
5,40 - 6,35 $
Sting Records
RUSTY (Digital Download)
2,00 - 2,35 $
Antishanti Records
Tree Of Life
.Various (Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
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1. Celtic Orbs
2. Mystic Protocols
3. Predators Agility
4. Quantum Illusion

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Shunyata Records
Mystic Protocol
(Digital Download)
Release date:8/2017


Xcursion project releases his 4 track EP in association with Shunyata Records. Packed by deep and powerful night time forest psychedelic music for all the nocturnal creatures. Inspired by the heightened states of mind and then quickly realized to synthesize it all into 4 tunes by the inner self for the higher self. Four tracks are specially crafted to take the listener into a journey to different realms of forest consciousnesses and In reality this EP is totally spiced up with sonorous forest textures and deeper than deep fluid leads all tuned at 432 Hz & layered with multiple synths to create a bigger, fuller, richer sound, Very groovy basslines & the tight metallic percussion. Xcursion Is The Project Of Rohan Bhide who is a talented experimental psychedelic trance music producer from Bangalore, India. Rohan is highly influenced by the old darkpsy and forest psytrance music. He has Released His Debut “Holographic Structures” EP in collaboration with Woorpz Rec In March, 2015. In the past, he has gone on to releasing multiple EPs & albums with various record labels across the globe. He is always trying to achieve that profound sound which a perfectionist would, Anyone who has heard Xcursion’s music before will know that its all about those low tones solid basslines, deep natural atmospheric sounds accompanied with metallic synthesized leads, creating a deep connection between sound and the listener. He Has Been Musically Influenced By Fagin’s Reject, Insector, Antonymous, Hypereggs & Loose Connection. Please show some support by buying original music!

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