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Progressive Goa Vol 6
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Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
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WISHI (Digital Download)
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Galaxians (The Remixes)
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Under the sun
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Free Spirit Vol. 3 - Neophilia
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Stardust (PAO1DW916)
FRANGIPANI (Digital Download)
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Hybrid Vibration (ovniep195)
SWING TEK (Digital Download)
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Morning Light
NORMA PROJECT (CD / Digital Download)
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Hypertonic Transformation
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Destination Unknown
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Welcome to Pangea pt. 6 Official Compilation
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New Horizon
DEKIN (Digital Download)
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TIMECODE, BAD RANDALL (Digital Download)
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Perplexed Remixes EP
NOVA FRACTAL (Digital Download)
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Back to the Roots (ovniep209)
THE KEY (Digital Download)
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Fresh Blood
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1. Error Plane
2. Haphazardry
3. You Disfunctional Distopia
4. Flootations (Fralien Eequencies Remix)

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Sonica Recordings
Fralien Eequencies
(Digital Download)
Release date:11/2018

Fralien Eequencies is the new project born and produced by two great psychedelic minds: Gaspard and Floating Grooves, under the influence of Dj Gino Sonica. It’s all started from a great track they made about 2 years ago on “Vesuvius” (Sonica Recordings VA compilation) and called “Some Meaningful Shit” that impressed Dj Gino for its unconventional style “meaning” a very new and upgraded vision of the psychedelic trance music production. Since then Gino was pushing Gaspard and Pearce (Flooting Grooves) to join again to check if that original inspiration was still on and could let them realizing a solid product of a few tracks. Time passed fast and so, they did it.. Yes, a 4 tracks digital EP to be released on Sonica Recordings to delight your minds with very new frequencies out of all the present production’ standards, and perfectly matching with the label's research. It’s a very revolutionary style, feeling the influence of the old Peak Records productions, where Gaspard and Flooting Grooves released so many killer tunes in collaboration with the master Ajja (as Yab Yum with Gaspard and as versus tracks with Pearce Flooting Grooves), but now fully upgraded and renewed and going to represent an absolute musical forefront. 4 monster freaky tunes filled up with deep alien fried frequencies from the outerspace. Here you are Fralien Eequencies :)

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