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1. Borrados Por El Tiempo - Sharigrama - Remix

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  for the E.U.
Borrados por el Tiempo
(Digital Download)
Release date:1/2019


Geomagnetic Records proudly presents amazing Remix of track Borrados Por El Tiempo from project Mexican Trance Mafia,remixed by super talented Sharigrama! He started his musical career in 1988. as a drummer, playing in various bands such as: Krameroth, Board, X Voo Doo, Chilangodelik, 2014, Maya, Mexico Punch, Game Over, Orthoplex, La Trífásica, Fernando Díaz Corona, La Secta Ninja, 900 Degrees, No more Sapiens and Bizar. He loves skateboarding and he studied drumming with teachers like Salvador Agüero, Polo García, Gizmo Reza, Salvador Merchand, just to name a few. In the year 2000, he ventured into the world of electronic music with the band 2014, with William Méndez. From there, Carlos played in X-Voodoo metal band, which is where he met Carlos Siliceo Chack. After that group was disbanded, they’ve formed 900 Degrees, and they started to experiment with computers and programs. In that precise moment the project Sharigrama was born. Carlos plays as Sharigrama with Chack until 2004., and after that he carries the project alone until the present day. He has presented his music at the best festivals in Mexico, South America, Europe and Israel, making 5 albums under this moniker and having more than 40 releases in different compilations in different record companies around the world. In addition, Carlos has organized some notable electronic music events in Mexico. He founded Interface Records, a label dedicated to electronic music, in 2007, to support artists from all over the world. He composes his music at the Party Room Studio in Mexico, a place where they offer music production and DJ Set classes as well. He has worked as a teacher of music production at DB Training school. He is engaged with audio advertising as Audio Engineer at the Durazno64 Advertising Agency. He has also worked as a DJ Set teacher for several years at the Arscite School. He graduated in Audio Engineering and Music Production career at the ENAM in 2011. He studied painting at the Goya school, graduating at the technical career in 1997. During his career he has also made music for theater plays and short films, advertising, etc. He was a main actor in the short film ""El Ombligo del Mundo"" by Tatiana Hueso. Today Carlos does Live Acts and DJ Sets under the stage name Sharigrama. His music style is Ultra Psychedelic Trance to 145 bpm."

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