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Blue Hour Sounds
Monosodium Flootamate
FLOOTING GROOVES (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

Golden Dawn Records wolves among sheeps.
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Conundrum Concoction
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Samaa Records
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Good Vibes Connection
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Unicorn Music
Inside Progress Volume 2
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Blackout Records
Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
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Pixan Recordings
It is just music
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
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Another Dimension Music
Different Complex
SHIIBASHUNSUKE (Digital Download)
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Sangoma Records
Out of your Control (Samadhi Remix)
X-DREAM (Digital Download)
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Spiritual Hunter
PARAFORCE (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Linhas infinitas
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The Colour of Time
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Creaking Rhythms Valley
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Avant Garde Symphony
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Dance Temple
XAMANIST (Digital Download)
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Logically Positive
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Journey To The Electric Sky (PAO1DW923)
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Signatures Of Origin
ATACAMA, JAKAAN (Digital Download)
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Electrical impulse
OUTER SIGNAL (Digital Download)
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Child Of The Stars
MAJKI (Digital Download)
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Spiritual Tonic
CORTEX (CD / Digital Download)
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Parabola Music
What is the Matrix?
RASTANIZ (Digital Download)
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Spiritual Experience
RHYTHMIC WIND (Digital Download)
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Smell Like Charas
ABSYCHO (Digital Download)
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Mythopia 2
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1. Sons of Anarchy

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Krembo Records
Sons of Anarchy
(Digital Download)
Release date:1/2019


"AMBASSADOR" new psytrance project by zoo-b . Originally from Tel Aviv, he entered the world of electronic music in 1983 when he played his first music sets, in a small clubs in tel aviv .. In 1988 he went to Europe and New York and played electronic music at top clubs and parties & Between gigs, he studied sound engineering at the" institute of audio research " Once he returned to Israel, he collaborated with trance DJ Tal Cohen, and together they set up a project called "zoob&tal During this period, there was a desire for many young Israeli who had been traveling in Asia and returned to Israel, to find the same style of trace music they had partied to while being away, here in Israel The project zoob&tal did just that! They satisfied the thirst for trance music by establishing clubs such as Meribel and Turtle House The pair "Zoo-B & Tal" worked independently, establishing the first Israeli Trance label "Krembo Records", and they opened an electronic record store in the heart of Tel Aviv where all the trance community who shared the same passion for music would meet and buy records As they continued to follow their own passion, they made and founded an underground label called: "Underground Sound of Tel-Aviv ( USTA ), and opened the "Dinamo dvash" club, which hosted the best DJ's from around the world (most of them for the first time in Israel!) zoob became the center of the club, Zoo-B participated in some of the very first Israeli Electronic music festivals, played in many parties (Indoor and outdoor) around the country. Zoo-B was also the very first Israeli DJ's who played in many of the best international trance music festivals, such as: goa full moons , boom, eclipse (ozora ) the eclipse in Africa, burningman ,voov, rainbow serpent, aca fest, dance and levis ,drugleass , love parade,gaia festival and many more , all around the world. 10 years ago Zoo-B decided to retire from the trace scene However… throughout the years he has occasionally played at parties as his passion always remains, this day zoob started his musical project "DE AMBASSADOR"

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