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1. The Big Bang Machine

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  for the E.U.
The Big Bang Machine
(Digital Download)
Release date:2/2019


Geomagnetic Records presents blasting new single from Yepi Project! Yepi is the psychedelic music project started by William Dinsmore. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, William's childhood was filled with music. Music was always a huge part of their life. At a young age, he was introduced to Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, and always had a thing for upbeat music. Music that made you happy and wants to dance. Later on, after entering the third grade he began writing lyrics. This was just a fun little project at the time. After being introduced to electronic dance music, he was dedicated to learning the ins and outs of it all. Hours were spent in the studio over the years learning Ableton live and trying to develop a unique sound. And you can really feel that when listening to their music. The vibe is unlike anything else. The music is designed to take you deeper into your mind and to liberate you. To ease you into that state of oneness that is the psychedelic experience. Enjoy the ride!

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