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1. Synergy

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  for the E.U.
ProggNRoll Records
(Digital Download)
Release date:8/2019


We are proud to present amazing talent's 'PsyStream' from Serbia and their single Synergy! PsyStream members are Milan Jovanovic 04.01.1988 and Milan Zlatic 27.01.1990 born in Uzice Serbia. They were just little boys when they started to get interested in electronic music. First love was trance music, especially psy and progressive goa trance. Inspired by their idols, they decided to go the same route. After years of exercise, they have managed to be very successful in deejaying these types of music. In recent years, they have devoted their attention to the production of music, established a project called PsyStream. Their Music consist of deep bass, cheerful melody with psy - progressive that makes the crowd move, and guarantee to have a great time. Full of ideas and inspiration, they are now creating their music. Until now they have released 2 EP-s, first EP for PowerHouseRecords San Francisco CL. EP for Parabola Music also a single for StingRecords, single for Ovnimoon Records. They have many performances in Serbia and a region. In 2019 they continue their music Journey on Progg N Roll records in full power! The new album is coming this year, prepare your minds and enjoy!

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