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Treetrolla Records
Remember The Slime
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Flow Theory
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Organic Relativity
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Modulating Architects
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Puzzle Symphony
WILL O WISP (Digibook CD / Digital Download)

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Limitless Universal Waves
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Forestdelic Records
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Good Vibes Connection
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Psy Core Records
Orbital Frog - Compiled By Ed Tangent
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
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Blackout Records
Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Analog Experience (geoep147)
WEIRDEL (Digital Download)
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Blue Hour Sounds
Out of Reach
DISTANT THUNDER (Digital Download)
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Iono Music
The Spirit
SUNDOSE (Digital Download)
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ELGIVA (CD / Digital Download)
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Dark Prisma Records
The Void : Disintegration
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Digital Drugs Coalition
KALAEDO (Digital Download)
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Not Today
REDY (Digital Download)
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307 Days
NOILAND (Digital Download)
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Ondas no Sargo (Digital EP)
COSMOS CIRCLE (Digital Download)
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Power House
X Touch
KALIALASKOV AS (Digital Download)
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Freaks At Night
GOA LUNI (Digital Download)
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B.A.Trance Movement Vol.1
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Life As We Know It (Plasmoon Rmx)
PLASMOON (Digital Download)
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Boundless Music
ANTI BEAT (Digital Download)
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Antimateria Records
we are just energy
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Mindwaves Music
Last Night Sleep
BADUN (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Space Baby Records
Resonances Encounter
DEZONCONDOR (Digital Download)
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Sangoma Records
Stop Wars: A New Dope
.Various (Digital Download)
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Sadhu Records
ALIGNMENTS (Digital Download)
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Alkaloid Production
over and under
SIN OF SINS (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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LIQUID SOUL (CD / Digital Download)
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1. Warm Pants

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Edm Records
Warm Pants
(Digital Download)
Release date:9/2019


Bigbudda aka Zverev Alexander is the Electronic musician, composer, sound designer, music producer, DJ. Creates a symbiosis of sound from software synthesizers and live sounds that complement each other, turning into deep atmospheric compositions. Works in electronic directions, trying atmospheric ambient sound, relaxing chill, downtempo, breakbeat, elements soul and hip hop, house groove and other experiments in his works. January 13, 2019 was the release of the debut album "Gray Wallpaper in My Room" The release contains 8 tracks in electronic style, the names of which reflect the mood of the music according to the author. All tracks are arranged in a certain order and represent diving into the story, which is desirable to listen to during a walk from beginning to its end. This will create more complete understanding and integrity of the album. The album was recorded and mixed by the musician, available in online music stores. At the moment, the musician is experimenting in different genres. He Is being in the search of new and fresh material. Only time and hard work will show what it will lead to!

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