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Sita Records
Victory Anthems
SHIVAX (CD / Digital Download)

Juicy Noise Records
Future Evolution Vol. 1
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Dark Prisma Records
Conundrum Concoction
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Medulla Oblongata
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Temple Twister Records
Illegal Space Activities Reloaded
DRUMATIK (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

Lycantrop Records
.Various (CD)

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Forestdelic Records
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Primal Visions
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Blacklite Records
Good Vibes Connection
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Believe Lab
Jungle Calling Vol. IV
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Iboga Records
Ace Ventura in Dub
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Samaa Records
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T.P.R Multimedia Production
Game With The Devil
HTN (Digipack CD)
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Trisulam Tribe Records
Seishin Junguru
.Various (Digital Download)
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Blackout Records
Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
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Iono Music
World in Reverse
SUN (GR) (Digital Download)
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World People
Milky way
.Various (Digital Download)
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Golden Dawn Records
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
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Parvati Records
Inside Out
JAHBO (Digital Download)
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Goa Records
ECLECTIC ATTACK (Digital Download)
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Hadra Records
HYPNOTIC PEAFOWL (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Iboga Records
Peaches - Digital EP
KASEY TAYLOR (Digital Download)
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9th Circle Records
Bitch Witch
MALICIOUS (Digital Download)
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Insomnia Records
the mysteries of the sacred universe
KRAFT (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Yellow Sunshine Explosion
Y.s.e in the Box, Vol. 21
.Various (Digital Download)
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Infinity Tunes Records
Immature Character
RYTHMIC (Digital Download)
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Human Technologies Records
The Friendly Nightmare
AVANT GARDE (Digital Download)
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Timewarp Records
Information Channels
ION VADER (Digital Download)
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Another Psyde Records
Future Facing: The Remixes
JUELZ (Digital Download)
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Biomechanix Records
.Various (Digital Download)
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Beyond Logic
project sun dew
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
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Maia Records
time and space part 2
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Iboga Records
Boundless (Digital EP)
YOTOPIA (Digital Download)
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Infinity Tunes Records
Touch & Kiss
SHABBOO HARPER (Digital Download)
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Green Wizards Records
Individual dreams
FOBI (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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1. Hidden Depth
2. Like It This Way

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Spiral Trax Records
Hidden Depth
(Digital Download)
Release date:9/2019


Spiral Trax is overjoyed to present the long-awaited return of Norma Project to the label with his mystical and inspiring two-track EP Hidden Depth. Norma is a Progressive psytrance project founded by Gradimir Stojiljkovic born on 12.10.1961 in Serbia Kruševac. Even as little, he had an interest in music. He learned how to play the guitar very young. Years after years he became a professional musician playing guitar in rock and blues bands, making great success all around the world. In Addition, he creates Tribute band to Led Zeppelin, with friends and family and for many years playing in a band very successful. The energy he felted in Led Zeppelin’s music was very mystical and deep for him and year by year he was more and more interested in psychedelic trance and psychedelic ambient music. After a couple of years of listening, in 2013 Gradimir makes Norma project and starts producing and making progressive psytrance music, focusing on deep bass lines, mystical atmospheres and unique melodies. First release Norma project makes for Ovnimoon Records. After great success, good respond, Norma continues with hard work on his music, making more releases for a couple of labels such as Ovnimoon records, Sting Records, Power House Records, Tesseract Studio...He is also trying his hands and mind in ambient/downtempo psychedelic genre and made first release oh his ambient side also in Ovnimoon records. After many successful releases, Norma Project start playing his music on festivals and parties all around the Europe Norma’s idea of making his music is to focus on nice harmonies, deep psychedelic effects, mixing many genres of psytrance music in one conception.

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