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Seishin Junguru
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1. Psyche Matter
2. Shore Bar
3. Synethesis

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Psyche Matter
(Digital Download)
Release date:9/2019


Geomagnetic is back with a hot new EP by Cosmic Bros titled Psyche Matter. Cosmic Bros is a psytrance music project of Pushkar and Suhail. We were introduced to Goa and psytrance on the shores of Anjuna while in college in 2002. Being outsiders we were overwhelmed by our first psytrance experiences in Goa. We got involved in supporting the scene and artists by attending and organizing as many parties as we could. Listening to the kick and bass wafting over the shores of goa beaches got our imagination going. Thanks to all the beautiful experiences that we have had around Goa - its people, the music and the parties the Cosmic Bros project has evolved to what it is today. The music with the background imagery of the ocean, mountains, and the skies resulted in the kind of sound that we are trying to achieve today. The thought that all these things/beings that occupy this space are connected and the overwhelming feeling of being one with all these elements is what led us to make music which tries to express those thoughts and recreate our experiences. This effort has been going on since then and what's come out of this is what you are hearing. Our journeys continue to make us explore and learn more about the synthesis of sound and the resulting vibrations in the universe. Cosmic Bros tunes is best described as music that has not lost touch with Goa Trance and combined with new sounds and techniques that help us close the distance within the abstract space we all live and celebrate in - outdoors and dance floors - in an effort to combine everything into one stream of energy.

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