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1. Krishna

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  for the E.U.
(Digital Download)
Release date:10/2019


Geomagnetic Records is back with blasting single 'Krishna' by Freeman! Krishna is a Goa Trance track by Freeman with modern Psytrance influences which is multi-melodic, energetic, and replete with mantra chants. The atmospheric intro, liquid bassline with lot of chorus, powerful kicks, Middle Eastern melodies, and melodic triplets, along with the breaks, changes and turns of the track will let you have an unforgettable experience of Go Trance. MT Azad, more commonly known as Freeman, is a Trance (Psy-trance and Uplifting) and House Progressive Producer. In Freeman's musical resume, one can find direct collaborations with such artists as “DJ Winn, Tropical Highlight, Xerox, etc.” in making original mixes; working with admirable singers like “Carly Rae Jepsen, Juliet Lyons, Kwan Hendry, Maksim, Maya Wolff, Max Urban, and Yuri Rods”; as well as taking part in remix projects with outstanding artists as “Skrillex, t.A.T.u, Ural Djs, Tony Tweaker, Roni Meller & Dee Dee, and Potap & Nastya Kamensky”, just to name a few. Freeman has also been “supported” by Tiesto, once; Stoneface & Terminal, twice; and Jaytech, twice, in their radio shows as well as being listed in many other radio shows by some other artists. Almost every track Freeman has made - whether an original mix and/or a remix - has been charted in some different compilations by many music labels. His tracks have been in Beatport Hype #Top100 several times. The most recent ones are: “Dig Deeper” (feat Maya Wolff) [TRANCE], which reached No #15 in trance, “Karina” (Foxmind Remix) with Xerox [PSY-TRANCE], which reached No. #12 in Psy-Trance Hype #Top100, and “Who Made That Noise” (Original Mix) [PSY-TRANCE], which reached No. #41 in Psy-Trance Hype #Top100.

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