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1. Into Psyence
2. Black Birds
3. Primal Tones
4. Four Elements
5. Black Holes & Tachions

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Dream Crew Records
Into Psyence
(Digital Download)
Release date:2/2020


Into Psyence Story : EN This Ep is The evolution of the mind The soul and metabolism Of an earth beeing after years of dark nightmares That morning he woke up with a Dream Manipulate vibrations. This Ep is also a construction where the groove is the only God. Things to remember : Even in the dark your soul is shining and One day One night, at that precious moment we will connect each other simply by the fact that everything is vibration. we are One. We are All star dust. FR Cet Ep est L'évolution de l'esprit L'âme et le métabolisme D'une terre après des années de cauchemars sombres Ce matin-là, il s'est réveillé avec un rêve Manipuler les vibrations. Cet Ep est aussi une construction où le groove est le seul Dieu. Choses dont il faut se rappeler : Même dans l'obscurité, ton âme brille et un jour une nuit, à ce moment précieux, nous nous connecterons simplement par le fait que tout est vibration. Nous sommes un. Nous sommes tous des poussières d'étoiles. Credits : Refs : EPDCR09 Label : Dream Crew Records Poduced By : Dhermo Country : France ArtWork : Légolize Master : DigitalX Mastering Lab Tracklist : 1 - Dhermo - Into Psyence [155] 2 - Dhermo and Mouchkitek - Black Birds [153] 3 - Dhermo - Primal Tones [150] 4 - Dhermo - Four Elements [150] 5 - Dhermo - Black Holes and Tachions [155] Biography : Dhermo got himself into music at the young age of 13 years old. Born in Morroco, this self-taught musician started his passion in Africa with drums like djembé and darbouka. At the age of 15, he fell in love with Rock and Metal and became a full-time member of Clear Crisis Act, a Morrocan Neo-Metal and Oriental band. In 2005, he discovered the world of the French free parties with all kind of influences like Drum&Bass, Hardtek, Hardcore, Tribecore,… He got his first Korg EMX1 in 2006 and fell in love with modulations and production. In 2010, he started a new solo project named “Dhermo” and his side project named “TwiceMore” with his brother Mouchkitek / Mouchki taking the occasion to enter slowly in the psychedelic world. Since then, he is melting all these influences to express himself in the best groovy and melodic way he can. He is now a member of the Primitif Festival crew and TTool’Korp Records, working on his flow always in the same goal : First get inside your head, then your heart and your soul with his music, and make you all dance in a united vision. His debut EP – Into Psyence goes out on Dream Crew Records in January 2020

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