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1. Infinity Portal
2. Magnetic Retroflux
3. Resist

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Infinity Portal
(Digital Download)
Release date:3/2020


The Infinity Portal is a virtual system of transit forward and backward in time, providing a view of answers to those who seek the information. However, sometimes the entry and exit points can be a bit unpredictable. Dragon Biography : “Dragon” is the darkpsy and dark progressive-psy project of David Scruggs, Pensacola, Florida, US. As a dj in the late 90’s playing trance on vinyl, his style of preference evolved into Goa and Psytrance by the early 2000’s when he joined up with the psytrance organizers of TOUCH Samadhi out of Asheville, NC. Always having an affinity for music hardware, synthesizers, and computers, David messed around with different software sequencers like Fruity Loops and Reason for a few years before he started composing his own style of darkpsy around 2004 using Cubase. David joined forces with Omveda Records (India) in 2016 as his primary label affiliate for music representation and distribution. Always cooking up something new, the dragon project is mostly showcasing darkpsy ranging from the 150 to 165 bpm arena these days. As this journey has taken him across North America, Costa Rica, and Europe in the past 20 years, he’s always ready to showcase the ever-evolving intense live set. His musical productions include a handful of singles and EP’s, as well as three full-length albums; “in.formation” released in January of 2009, “spirals of time” released in March of 2011, and “cryptographic” released in 2017. His music tends to explore the darker realms of psy-trance with a persistent tempo, maintaining depth using ethereal soundscapes and dynamic leads to create a unique and unfamiliar experience for the listeners. As this genre is ever evolving, David strives to stay innovative in the creative process and produce a clean driving style that keeps the dancefloors locked into the journey. David joined Dream Crew Records for the first time releasing a single track on a compilation, then Sweet Dreams Records with this EP

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