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The Power of Music
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Blackout Records
Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
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Frequency Warrior
ALIEN TRANSITION (Digital Download)
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Parabola Music
Then and Now
THIRSTY AMIGO (Digital Download)
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Parabola Music
The Last Passenger
BIOTERRANEAN (Digital Download)
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Digital Drugs Coalition
Freak Territory
COSMIC MANTRA (Digital Download)
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Soul Resonance
YATA GARASU (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Tripped On Fizz
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Nature of Society (goaep179)
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ICS (Digital Download)
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World Revisited
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Party in the woods
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Time to Fly
BROKENHEAD (Digital Download)
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Biomechanix Records
Let's fight for the free world
KLACID (Digital Download)
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Free Spirit Records
Slice of Pi
TRON (Digital Download)
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Timewarp Records
Dreams of Travels
MIND ECHO (Digital Download)
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Iono Music
LYKTUM (Digital Download)
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Living your ego (Digital EP)
JISER, ECTIMA (Digital Download)
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1. Happy Person
2. Nonense Spaceship
3. Internal Vortex

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Timewarp Records
Internal Sensations
(Digital Download)
Release date:3/2020


"Timewarp Records is more than happy to present an amazing new EP from Apollon called 'Internal Sensations'! Let us introduce you to the artist: Hello my name is Michael Nahum. I'm 27 years old from Israel. I'm Happy to Release and share with you my Music. I inviting you to get inside to my inner psychedelic vortex And feel my Internal sensations. My musical line is Goa Trance From my first days as a kid Only goa was played in my area. I was feeling that what I need to do, it was a perfect connection, the deep trance, the melodics, the emotions. I Started to creat music to the world after that I got hurt and got ""PTSD"" from war So I build to my self studio (2014) and started to write music. The music is the important thing in my life its help me to remove all my Anxieties and memories, I can talk with peoples Through the music and share the love and make the world much more beautiful and better with happy peoples This EP is from my first days as music production. Stay tuned, new pure goa is almost ready for share with you SEE YOU IN THE DANCE FLOOR Keep Smile Dance and Love"

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