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1. Progressive Dreams

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Sting Records
Progressive Dreams
(Digital Download)
Release date:4/2020


Sting Records is happy to present killer single 'Progressive Dreams'! AudioMonk: My name is Pranjal Shetty. I was born in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Music has intrigued me since I was very young and I have always thought it to be the bridge to the soul--connecting us to our deepest emotions. I feel music is the only true real religion and the universal language. I always wanted to get into music but wasn't able to due to the familial expectations and misconceptions of Indian society. After college in 2015, I started DJ'ing in small underground parties and producing my own electronic tracks in 2016. Since 2015 to the present, I have played in a few major psytrance events in South India and Goa. I have also participated in numerous underground parties. I am in the process of creating my own live sets and experimenting in different genres and also exploring new unique sounds along the way. My tracks consist of dark elements fused into melodies. Psytrance is the genre I specialize in and there is always a story behind a track. I feel music is the best way to preach anything that you have learned from life, hence, the name AudioMonk. I preach my life experiences on the dance floor through sounds within.

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