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The Nature Of The Mind
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Blackout Records
Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
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Seishin Junguru
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Electric Signals
ELASTIC (Digital Download)
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D-MOTION (Digital Download)
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Chaotic Nature
HINAP, REVERSE (Digital Download)
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Uncharted Vol.8 compiled by Norion
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Epsilon Funk
BELL SIZE PARK (Digital Download)
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SONIC SYSTEM (Digital Download)
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Multiple Personalities 2
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1. Under Your Mind
2. Robotic Element

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ProggNRoll Records
Under The Mind
(Digital Download)
Release date:12/2020


"Progg'N'Roll is very proud to present a blasting progressive style EP from 'Psychicnova' and 'Sci-Flyers' projects called 'Under The Mind'! PsychicNova met Psy-Trance Music by coincident, which completely changed his view of the past, he, an electronic music crazy fan, has been deeply attracted by Psy-Trance. then he joined the Chinese famous Psy-Trance label ""GoaProductions"", and has been trying to promote the Psy-Trance culture, as well as teaching himself to be a DJ and music production, then he found Chinese Psy-trance label Dark-Moon Tempo, which he believes could change the world. PsychicNova participated in and helped to organize many Psy-Trance parties domestically. Besides, he’s been contacting many of the world-famous Psy-Trance artists. he believes that everybody can find a brand-new world in Psy-Trance psychedelic rhythm&melody, were to completely relax their mind and let you feel the music led by consciousness in another space. Although PsychicNova is a freshman in Psy-Trance, his first studio mixing on Mixcloud of Psy-Trance column hit 17th place with his understanding and efforts to Psy-Trance. Besides, he was invited to performances in Shanghai, Taiwan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Yunnan, etc., including various underground parties like ""Shalanaya""------Shanghai's famous Psy-trance outdoor party, Midi electronic Music Festival and ""Spirit Tribe""------China's largest outdoor Psy-Trance party. PsychicNova’s music is getting more and more welcome. SCI-FLYERS is a music project brought to life by Shanghai-based DJs SUN and ONE-TWO. Beginning their friendship first on the dance floor, by sharing the appreciation and passion for psychedelic music, fate brought them together performing as DJs on several occasions, leading to the decision of uniting their musical influences and visions into a LIVE Project. With each bringing and complementing the new-born project with unique influences, fusing different backgrounds resulting in a synth-full sound filled with spirituality, mysticism, and groove reminiscent of global sounds gathered in years spent on dance floors. In addition to performing on stages across the Middle Kingdom and beyond, the SCI-FLYERS are cooking their first full studio productions, ready to hit the sound systems of the whole world."

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