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1. Genesis
2. Waters of Kali
3. Mother Earth
4. Chalice of the Void

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kali earth records
Chalice Of The Void
(Digital Download)
Release date:9/2021


The Norwegian producer formally known as Aion returns with a brand new Artist name, and with that, a beautiful new EP: A1ON - Chalice Of The Void He says; My new EP 'Chalice Of The Void' is part of a series where I explore the different symbolic elements of music. This 'Chalice Of The Void' EP is the direct continuation of the now old 'Scepter Of The Machine Construct' EP. So the idea and main construct for this new EP is about 3 years old from when I first met the record label Kali Earth Records. For me this is purification of old patterns, and of suffering. I realized that everything -much like this e.p.- has a beginning, and an end. And the end, is the nature of transformation .... Soo what you are listening to now is the element of water and the symbiotic synonyms of symbolic severity. From birth to death, this album hopefully contains meaning on every level. Symbolically it is connected to the sphere of Binah. The truth about life and death and the structures of the universe. Cups, female, waters, time, death, primordial. The potential of human suffering and empathy, and how it unlocks the truth about our interconnectedness to everything. I hope you enjoy my offerings, and ask you to be on the lookout for my next EP as well when ever it's ready. Which most likely will be an exploration of heavy foundations, or the cloudy ideas and clarity. I would with this like to give thanks to my Mother for her lessons in life, Stig for his stubbornness, Andreas for his ideas, Jim-ero for his groundedness, and Jan-Erik for ideals. Also I would like to thank Kim, Mikael, Thomas, Pelle, Jakob, Eirik, Katharina, and at last my beloved Grandmother. I love you all very much.

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