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1. The Cleaner
2. One For All (Clearness Vs Mind D Rmx) - Psyknights
3. Flawless Victory
4. Acidstage (Rmx)
5. Seeking Our Soul
6. Vs Ahdi - Deep Stream
7. Psykadelic Tribes
8. Earthly Purpose
9. The End

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Electronic Dope Records
Keep It Clean
Release date:9/2010

Electronic Dope Records proudly presents "Keep it Clean" - the long awaited debut album by Clearness aka Alex Sakata. A crystal clear produced sonic fusion of a powerful, technologically superb and very danceable but also feeling and mood rich package. 9 full-on psy tunes at their most crisp, clear and cleanest! Alex has been working for a long time in his studio to develop his own unmistakable sound and style. Not only marked by pumping and clean baselines but also by cleverly blended audio and synthesizer trickery, carefully spread but well placed melodies and intelligent arrangements. Always trying to push the boundaries and challenge the possibilities of production techniques Clearness is truly clearing the space, creating and providing a fresh breeze, not only on the floors. "Keep it clean" is doubtlessly extremely hot stuff for every high-tech full-on set. Rocking on every true psytrance dancefloor it will surely be seen in DJ bags and on the decks from now on. But this album is also packed with absorbing and dramatical moments, leading from beautiful to hard and trippy harmonics, all blended together into a stirring journey, which makes it a real treat for just listening and headphone junkies as well. This is definitely a release people will remember for a long time! So whatever you rocks your boat... dance it, bang it, shake it, kick it, eat it or just listen to it ... but keep it clean!

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