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Hobo Films
The City of Light - A Psychedelic Story
Release date:1/2011

Video Trailer :

Length: 54 min.

Master support: DVCAM

Format: DVD (16/9 4:3 Letter Box)

Audio: Stereo

Language: English

Subtitles : Spanish – French – Italian - German

Year of production: 2010

Download full extensive info sheet :

To fall into trance, seeing things your thoughts cannot see, reaching light through the shadows of the night, transforming one self with music, dance and psychotropic substances: this is what an LSD, peyote, and mescaline Psychedelic Trance Party is about. Born in the Sixties in San Francisco from the alchemic encounter between LSD and a whole generation’s desire for freedom, music and psychedelic culture have kept alive, in the last 40 years, growing, changing and regenerating, in a new underground scenario. The documentary follows this narrow path through the voices of its protagonists: Chet Helms, the man who discovered Janis Joplin and made The Summer of Love possible, Sam Andrew, the Big Brother & The Holding Company guitarist, Tom Constanten, the Grateful Dead keyboard player, and the ecstasy’s chemist Dr. Shulgin, up to today’s leaders of the new psychedelic generation: Goa Gil, father and guru of the Goa Trance, Quasar, and Dylan and Greg on Earth. The acid parties take us back to the San Francisco of the hippies, with their acid tests and the entranced dreams of a generation at war. Drifting across the dramatic pictures of Vietnam, we reach the spiritual warmth of India where, during the Seventies, hippies fled escaping from compulsory recruitment: Goa beaches became the place to keep on dancing and dreaming. Here American psychedelic music merged with the new European electronic sound: the Goa Trance was born, mother of Psychedelic Trance, back today hitting the streets of San Francisco with its acid beat, melting bodies and blood with its powerful rhythm.“There is a message that comes from far away” states Quasar “ that crosses the Sixties and reaches us today”. A message alive in plants, in nature, and that has been breathing since the dawn of time: a message of “Personal freedom”. Spirituality and freedom are the beat of the ancient collective ritual of this alternative America.

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