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Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
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Memories from Goa Madness
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Alien Resistance (Digital EP)
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End Of Time
ILAI (CD / Digital Download)
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time and space part 2
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1. The Departure
2. Lost in Thought
3. Deep in the Forest
4. The Return (ft Etheriasparrow)
Ambient / Chill out

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Psybertribe Records
Deep Forest Music
(Digital Download)
Release date:12/2011


PsyberTribe Records proudly presents our 5th new digital release 'Deep Forest Music' from bay area based artist 'Ecometric' aka Brad Stott. This beautifully constructed journey of hightened vibrations serve as a soundtrack for the journey deep into the thick forests of our own consciousness and unprobed regions of the mind. Filled with four amazingly beautiful tracks that flow together as one giant vision, this release is another perfect rendition of consciously colorful and everlasting bliss into the unknown.Ecometric's haunting melodies and tribal rhythms dance fluidly between spacious psychill and pulsing deep trance.We welcome this artist to our growing roster and are sure that these sounds will please even the most passionate fans of any genre in music. Keep an ear to the ground for more releases and gigs from this amazing project~!Thank you for all of the support. Keep exploring~! Ecometric is the multi-genred shamanic psy project of producer Brad Stott. Focusing on luscious chill-out/deep trance soundscapes and crisp, pumping, psytrance, Ecometric aims to guide the listener through a journey of exploration and discovery. Studying common instruments like guitar and bass to the complexities of tabla, Brad set his focus on electronic music production in 2006. In 2009 he was voted "Best New Artist", with co-producer John Tierney, by Portland, ME's We Push Buttons collective. To this day he has shared the stage with such notable acts as Wizack Twizack, Ajja, Juno Reactor, Transdriver, Andromeda, Guiseppe, Ekoplex, and many more. Currently out of San Francisco, CA, Ecometric is emerging onto one of the most talented artist communities out there with his internation debut digital release "Deep Forest Music" on PsyberTribe Records, San Francisco.

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