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Mechanik Sound Records
.Various (Double CD)

Sita Records
In Search Of Ancient Knowledge
SKY TECHNOLOGY (CD / Digital Download)

MindFull Records
Source Transmission
.Various (Digipack CD / Digital Download)

Sadhu Records
Disco In Desert
.Various (CD / Digital Download)

Sita Records
Victory Anthems
SHIVAX (CD / Digital Download)

Pixan Recordings
The Flower of the partysan
FULL FACE (CD / Digital Download)

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Primal Visions
10,50 - 12,35 $

Forestdelic Records
(Digipack CD / Digital Download)
10,50 - 12,35 $

Samaa Records
10,50 - 12,35 $

Blacklite Records
Good Vibes Connection
(Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $

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Space Baby Records
.Various (Double CD / Digital Download)
6,90 - 8,12 $
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Blackout Records
Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Mamomam Records
Into The Deep
FIERY DAWN (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Goa Records
Galaxy Unknown EP
SAUSEE (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Uxmal Records
Excating Mood
PARALLEL DIALOGUE (Digital Download)
3,40 - 4,00 $
Psy Core Records
Orbital Frog - Compiled By Ed Tangent
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
1,90 - 2,24 $
Future Nature
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
10,50 - 12,35 $
The Time Of Light
MOLOK (CD / Digital Download)
11,90 - 14,00 $
Goa Records
Enter the Multiverse (goaLP036)
DR FRACTAL (Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Spiral Trax Records
Meaning May Be Found (SPIT078)
LOST SHAMAN (Digital Download)
5,00 - 5,88 $
Parabola Music
Good Trip
TELEKTONON (Digital Download)
3,00 - 3,53 $
Digital Drugs Coalition
THESEUS (Digital Download)
5,00 - 5,88 $
Electric Love (geosp036)
PERFECT HAVOC (Digital Download)
2,00 - 2,35 $
MMD Records
Bad Creationz
DAMAGE (CD / Digital Download)
6,60 - 7,76 $
Goa Records
Laws of nature (Digital EP)
TUK (Digital Download)
3,00 - 3,53 $
Timecode Records
Time Lapse
TICKETS (CD / Digital Download)
9,40 - 11,06 $
Blacklite Records
PURPLE RAVER (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Power House
Rock (pwrep125)
VILLA VIOLET (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Future Music
AUDIOUNIT (Digital Download)
9,00 - 10,59 $
Dacru Records
E-MOV (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
Bom Shanka Music
Visible Sounds
STEREOGRAPHIC (CD / Digital Download)
9,40 - 11,06 $
Mega Drive
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
10,50 - 12,35 $
Human Technologies Records
Second Nature
AVANT GARDE (Digital Download)
4,00 - 4,71 $
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1. Data Mode
2. Gettin Busy
3. Bionic Commando

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Bass-Star Records
Data Mode
(Digital Download)
Release date:6/2011


While most 12 year olds are busy playing video games and thinking what after-school sport they might want to try, Aleks took hold of his first set of turntables and grew up on the decks. Born Alexander Lee Limon from San Luis Obispo California, he taught himself how to mix records using duplicate copies of a hip hop album. Collecting records throughout adolescence, his music tastes quickly grew towards electronic music and began playing Breakbeats, and later branched out to include UK Hardhouse, Techno, and NRG. After consistently listening to DJ Morgan's weekly show Rhythm Asylum on KCPR 91.3FM, he saw an opportunity to work with the established DJ & Producer and introduced himself the first chance he got. Impressed with Aleks' enthusiasm and dedicated talent, he was invited to play on the show where his first appearance was so successful he turned into a regular guest. After 3 years of continuously spinning he received his first gig at Morgan's event, Access. From then on, Aleks knew his passion lay in the underground electronic music scene. He continued to grow a name for himself all over Central California, producing his own club nights from 1998-2000. Shortly after the San Luis Obispo scene was at its peak, and Aleks being at the top of the game, knew it was time to move on. San Francisco met Aleks with open arms as he set down to plan the next stage of his career. By now having over 11 years experience under his belt, it was no surprise he was offered a gig for Audio Metamorphosis' Audio Transformation within months of his arrival in March 2003. Since then Aleks has played with some of Northern California's best production companies with top billing like TELIC, Audio Metamorphosis, Sound Asylum, Preserve, Stilldream, OmniEra and Nocturnalism Entertainment. Although Aleks has now been DJing for over half his life, he has taken his love for music to the next level by producing his own tracks. A sought after producer, remixer, and mentor, DJs and up & coming producers all over the SF Bay Area come to Aleks for advice, and if they're lucky, some collaborations. Aleks is a great team with friend and roommate Denise ( as well as newly London UK dweller Apot. Known for his desire to spread his innovative sound & lend a helping hand for a technical question, Aleks is well-respected for his talents among fellow DJs, and his ability to rock the crowd for his fans. His passion cannot be denied, and how far he will take it knows no end. 

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