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1. Moving the Earth
2. Connected
3. Nanosphere
4. Eclectic Dreams
5. Head in the Sky

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Moving the Earth (Digital EP)
(Digital Download)
Release date:5/2012


Geomagnetic Records welcomes a new artist and old friend to our label with a 5 track E.P. CORAL - Moving the Earth EP. Coral (T.O.U.C.H Samadhi Seattle, WA) began her DJing journey in 1999 when she was introduced to the irresistible sounds of psytrance. As a transplant to the west coast from New York City, she has become thoroughly immersed into the psychedelic trance music scene. She has played alongside amazing international and local talent throughout her 13 years as a Dj such as; Tristan, Dickster, Astral Projection, Talamasca, Hujaboy, Prometheus, and many others. Coral plays many parties and festivals nationwide, delighting us with an energy all her own. A few to note are; Gaian Mind, Burning man, Gemini, Psycheldelic Freakshow, and The Orb festival. Coral's passion for psytrance has naturally evolved into the world of production. In her Seattle based studio, she has spent the last two plus years sculpting her obsession into sound and now began weaving her own brand of melodic, bass heavy, driving psy into her sets. Her stage presence is half the fun of experiencing a Dj Coral set. Often found dancing harder than any spectator in the house. Corals gift is sharing her appetite, energy, and joy this music brings her. She is a force in the electronic community, and a definite must see! CREDITS: Morningstar is a subdivision of Geomagnetic Records. Uplifting, melodic, full-on, progressive and perfect for those ecstatic moments of sunshine and awakening, the Morningstar label knows you want to be carried on a cloud of feel-good grooviness as you welcome the morning light! was established in the summer of 2001. Their first major international release is the legendary DVD project "MAGNUS" geodvd001. Since then the label has grown into a full fledged major electronic music and media label. Based in San Francisco and focusing mostly on music and visual related projects, you can expect to see lots more cutting edge releases on the way from this award winning crew!                

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