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Manic Dragon
baphomet engine 2
BAPHOMET ENGINE (CD / Digital Download)

Green Wizards Records
Flow Theory
FOBI (CD / Digital Download)

Horrordelic Records
Into the Dark
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Biijah Records
Sacred Forces Of Nature
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Forestdelic Records
(Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Primal Visions
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Samaa Records
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Good Vibes Connection
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Risk O Electro
GIO RED (Digipack CD)
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Blackout Records
Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
9,80 - 11,53 $
Power House
Source Energy Creations
SOLAR SPECTRUM (CD / Digital Download)
5,90 - 6,94 $
Samaa Records
New Age
AS A CHILD (Digital Download)
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Bass-Star Records
Children Of The Blue Ray 2 - Awaken 2013
.Various (CD / Digital Download)
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Blackout Records
Double Trouble 2017
.Various (Digital Download)
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Hadra Records
The big bug
CURIOUS DETAIL (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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KRUMELUR (CD / Digital Download)
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Ovnimoon Records
Human Zodiac (ovniep168)
PSYPHERIC (Digital Download)
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Biomechanix Records
Take control
DISSY (Digital Download)
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BooM! Records
SUPERGROOVER (Digital Download)
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Infinite Atoms (geoep191)
BIOCYCLE (Digital Download)
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Ovnimoon Records
MAIIA (CD / Digital Download)
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Believe Lab
Universal Language
ANIMALIEN (Digital Download)
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Digital Om
Streamline Remixes
E-CLIP (Digital Download)
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Beyond Good & Evil
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Digital Om
Tomorrow Lasts Forever
RELATIV (Digital Download)
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Dream Surfer
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Ovnimoon Records
Mysteries of Psytrance Vol 3
.Various (Double CD / Digital Download)
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Deviant Force Records
Between Production & Destruction
MIND OSCILLATION (Digital Download)
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Anomalistic Records
One Foot in Fantasy
AXIS MUNDI (CD / Digital Download)
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Timewarp Records
MONUMENTAL (Digital Download)
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Dacru Records
Reality Drop
TROPICAL BLEYAGE (CD / Digital Download)
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1. Space adventure
2. Chemical generation
3. Beatracer

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Boundless Music
Bassline Junky
(Digital Download)
Release date:1/2014


DJ MALEX, aka. Manfred Schmiderer, born in the beautiful mountains of the Pinzgau region, relocated to the Austrian capital Vienna over a decade ago. For almost 20 years the passion for music is what drives his creations. In the early 90s, he started to create sound carpets for others to enjoy and got it rolling on the dancefloors for the first time. First he played mostly on private parties, but after a while he played more and more sets "all around Europe ". The seeds for his DJ carier originated with techno and tech house music unitl he discovered Psychodelic trance in 1992. This was the begining of MALEX and the story continues. The global Psytrance movement has become part of his life and he has always remained faithful. His first DJ performances in Germany started in Munich, Bavaia where he played among local heroes like Monika Kruse, Tom Novy, Umek and many other now well-known names. Following gigs in the legendary "Cave Club" in Salzburg, which was one of the top Electronic music clubs in europe at this time, bookings in many other european countries followed. During the past 10 years MALEX is frequently performing at several European Festivals, such as Sonnenklang, Samsara, Spirit Base Festival, Paradise Festival, Beat Patrol and many more. With his fat driving sets and his distinctive selections of fat beats he has pushed Party visitors to dance to the absolute peak. Malex has been producing his own music about 5 years now with Steinberg Cubase,

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