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Manic Dragon
Nav Graha
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1. Sir Yea Mantra [Surya]
2. Chandra [Moon]
3. Aumnisphere (Mangal Edit) [Mars]
4. Budha (Swallow Part 2) [Mercury]
5. With a Bagpipe to Brihaspati [Jupiter]
6. Shukra [Venus]
7. Shani [Saturn]
8. Rahu [North Lunar Node]
9. Ahma Ketu [South Lunar Node]

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Manic Dragon
Nav Graha
(Digipack CD / Digital Download)
Release date:11/2014


Astrology was an integral part in many ancient cultures. The idea of planets, stars and other celestial bodies being the living energy entities influencing the other beings of the Universe has occurred throughout human history. All living organisms are effected by the sun and moon. It is undeniable that planets and stars have tremendous power over our daily life, either directly or indirectly through intricate network of reactions. In Hindu astrology, Graha is a 'cosmic influencer' on the living beings of mother Earth. Each Graha carries a specific energy quality, which is described in an allegorical form through its scriptural and astrological references. The Navagraha (Sanskrit: नवग्रह, nine seizers or nine influencers) are some of these major influencers. All the worlds of the navagraha have relative movement with respect to the background of fixed stars in the zodiac. This includes the planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu (north or ascending lunar node) and Ketu (south or descending lunar node). The energies of the Grahas are connected in a specific way to the individual auras of humans at the time they take their first breath in a given nativity. These energy connections remain with the natives of Earth as long as their current body lives. The planets are transmitters of universal, archetypal energy. The qualities of each planet help to maintain the overall balance of polarities in both the macro-cosmic and the microcosmic universe. Humans are also capable to tune in to the chosen energy of a specific Graha or its presiding deity through Samyama (Combined simultaneous practice of Dhβraṇβ (concentration), Dhyβna (meditation) & Samβdhi (union). The effects of worship of specific deities are manifested accordingly to the layout of their relative energies in a given nativity of a worshiper in question, in particular depending on the Bhavas (corresponds to the concept of "house" in Western astrology) occupied by the respective Grahas. The cosmic energy we receive contains different energies coming from different celestial bodies. Repeatedly utter of a Mantra we are tuning to a particular frequency and this frequency establishes a connection with the cosmic energy, channeling it into our body and surroundings. Living in modern society is convenient. The fast pace disposable technologically orientated culture delivers easy enjoyable life as well as blurring and diluting our connection with nature and spirituality. In hope to regain stronger connection with the cosmic forces for the New Age, we have asked 9 Sonic Shamans to create Psychedelic Mantras for the Nava Grahas, Each mantra can assist us to establish connection to each Graha it was created for. Simply put them in a digital device, hit play and listen, the cosmic influences would start to kick-in, in no time. Bom!

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