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BrainZcrew Vol. 3
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Hutti Heita
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Primal Visions
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Good Vibes Connection
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Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
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Story Of The Mind
PORTAL, ONERO (Digital Download)
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PSPIRALIFE (Digital Download)
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high-phonic for a replicant
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GMS & EARTHLING (Digital Download)
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Under the Moonlight (pwrep157)
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Strange Matter (goaep203)
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1. Om
2. Tibetan Flags
3. Bodhgaya
4. The Leyend
5. Milagros
6. Firing the Arrow
7. Freewheeler (Ital Remix)
8. Green Tara
9. Hallucination Generation (Ital Remix)
10. Ogra (Ital Remix)

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Antu Records
Om Namah Shivaya
Release date:12/2014

Antu Records is proud to present a very special release, the fifth album by chilean artist: ital, celebrating 10 years of his psytrance project. This time dedicated and inspired in indian culture, named as a powerful mantra, connecting ourselves to the highest vibration. The album includes 7 original tracks plus 3 amazing remixes from well-known artists and friends: Tristan, Zen Mechanics and Rinkadink. This cd brings some groovy psychedelic music, full of colors, happiness, love, atmospheric feelings, deep and powerful basslines and a crystal mastering that will make you enter in a higher state of trance in your body, soul and spirit. Om Namah Shivaya is a very powerful mantra, Is known as the great redeeming mantra also known as five-syllable mantra. It means "I bow to Shiva", Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. It has been said about this mantra that if this mantra vibrates continually in your heart, then you have no need to perform austerities, to meditate or to practice yoga. To repeat this mantra you need no rituals or ceremonies, nor must you repeat it at an auspicious time or in a particular place. This mantra is free of all restrictions. It can be repeated by anyone, young or old, rich or poor and no matter what state a person is in, it will purify him.

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