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1. Little Dreams
2. City High (Beatspy rmx)
3. The D.N.A Truth
4. Modern War (Beatspy rmx)
5. Faith
6. Predator
7. Hypnotism Vortex (Album edit)
8. Electric Eyes (Beatspy rmx)
9. Emotion Signals
10. Huge Dreams

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Physical Item Out of Stock
Digital Download Available
Power House
Little Dreams
(CD / Digital Download)
Release date:11/2014


In a bold move, Power House reveals its secret agent responsible for infiltrating deep inside your inner groove controllers and letting loose the rhythm that was trapped within your soul. Beatspy unleashes those 'Little Dreams' that now unlocked will soon grow up to become your life path! Here it comes, massive brand new tunes from Beatspy the psy progressive solo project by Saeed Valikhani, from Tehran, Iran. He presents his new full length album, which is an impressive production, packed with huge progressive beats, relentless bass lines and deep emotive rhythms. His music will take you on the unforgettable journey to the bright side of progressive trance, in Beatspy's unique groovy and atmospheric manner. With collaborations from Plasma Corp, Philter and Monolock these hit festival tracks will blast the dance floor! Beatspy assembles all of the right components for a brand new concept album packed with powerful bass, progressive sensations, strong yet never cheesy melodies, as well as a consistently provocative message. Saeed aka Beatspy has a truly signature sound that has been rapidly garnering massive attention. His music harkens back to a time when everyone gathered under a mystical flag of psychedelic freedom away from the harshness of society, where the magical energies from our hearts combine and become more than the sum of its parts. Its that special vibe where everyone feels that they are lifting off the ground and levitating into the sky. This album is a brilliant contribution to the psychedelic trance community because it reminds us all that no matter where you are from our souls join together and create the space of unity. That is what it is all about and you will for sure understand as you absorb the great themes and atmospheres that are shared from inside. Beatspy has released his signature sound for a special selection of labels that are connected to his vision of nurturing the inner bliss of all sprits on earth and through the cosmos. Look for his tracks on Ovnimoon Rec, Goa Rec, Fresh Frequencies, EDM, Woorpz, Trance Gold Records and of course here on Power House. His music has achieved numerous critical accolades from a variety of established musical outlets and his sets are considered a true dance floor experience always pushing the edge and delivering the very best in live and DJ mix presentations. His tour dates are booking fast to make sure to put in a request for your local promoters to include this top international talent in time for the next big festivals and club dates!

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