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Daily Dose
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Power House
Means of Reality
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Artificial Sun
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Power House
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1. I'll be myself
2. Groovy
3. Over

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Power House
I'll be myself
(Digital Download)
Release date:9/2014


Antonio Di Cozzani (aka Antonnio) is a Chilean DJ & Music Producer of Italian descent, his stage name is in honor of his grandfather, Italian man who escaped from the First World War. His curiosity for music was born at age 13, upon learning that his uncle was also part of their inclination, because he belonged to a band in which this played drums. This situation and knowledge that had led him to cultivate the art of music. By walking the years, it began to look itself a musical style that fill their concerns, a friend made him listen to the music of "Daft Punk". Such was his admiration that was introduced in electronic music. At 15 years old, learned the basic art of a DJ, and it led to be in small parties of friends and families. Witness and feel the music that was liked was mixing dough listening, this will provoke internalized motivation to continue even more in electronics. Last year, and with maturity and not as new looking references in the musical style and takes him to meet "Swedish House Mafia". Feeling identified with his music and integral (Sebastian Ingrosso) of that group, which leads to turn this into something more professional and not an amateur or hobbyist. Currently working on finding your own style in music production, having as influences: Daft Punk, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Marcus Schossow, Adrian Lux, Dirty South, Abel Ramos, Mike Hawkins, Denzal Park, Paris & Simo, Michael Brun, etc. Today, taking projects like "Homework" which consists of small "Sets", showing his musical material. "Antonnio" still working on building a unique, characterized by strong backing "Drops Drums", powerful drums that vibrate the public, creating a unique and amazing atmosphere with their music. Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Mixcloud: Contacto:

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