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2012 there is no Return
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1. Infinity Dream
2. Distorted Energy (Astro-D rmx)
3. Lunar Contact (Astro-D rmx)
4. Alucinante (Astro-D rmx)
5. Alala (Astro-D rmx)
6. Night Sun
7. Cosmodrome (Astro-D rmx)
8. Desire (Astro-D, Chris Oblivion rmx)
9. I Motion (Astro-D, Chris Oblivion rmx)

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Digital Download Available
Astro Navigation
(CD / Digital Download)
Release date:1/2015


Geomagnetic Records presents Astro-D's debut full-length album Astro Navigation an epic adventure through time and space that charts a course deep into space, bringing the modern sounds of psytrance and night fullon to the most legendary classic Goa productions. After a year and half between playing festivals and studio work Astro D secured the support with full remix project stems provided by all of the collaborators so that Astro Navigation is properly presented for the enjoyment of all. This album contains two unique originals and seven amazing high quality remixes featuring the biggest classic goa trance songs ever written from original top artists Etnica, California Sunshine, Manmademan, Ubar Tmar, Braincell (aka Rastaliens) alongside new school trance masters, Elegy, Endeavour and Chris Oblivion. These very special, magically energetic tracks will simultaneously bring a new era of unity to our ancient tribal ritual while smashing up dance floors with his insanely fun modern trance dance style. Prepare yourself for 80 minutes of sweaty and pumping psytrance with groovy bass lines, trippy riffs and pure goa trance influences. Astro-D music is characterized by a unique night full on Psytrance style that will fit into many dj's set lists. Dance, it's the only promise for this album. Astro-D is a pioneer in the Athens, Greece electronic music scene and an old-school raver since the early 90's with many years of djing techno, and breaks tune in several famous clubs and radio stations. In 2013 Astro-D released his first ep's Separate Reality and Forestphonic with Ovnimoon Records, followed by another 3 eps with Digital Drugs Coalition, Goa Records and Pharmacy Music where his song Step Beyond written with Chris Oblivion was picked up by dj Christopher Lawrence on his best of Pharmacy 2014 mixed compilation Phase 4. He also produced many successful parties in the mid 90's with the Overtune mobile party team, making mobile parties with guests dj's and live P.a's. Nowadays he's focused on doing his original live act and performing at events such as Aurora Festival, i Love you Festival, Underground Noise, Dance Xperience, 41 mountain Gathering and Space Alchemy Lab parties and more to come.

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