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Chile Psytrance Volume 3 (digital EP)
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1. The Spirit
2. 11-11 Emotional Biodecodification
3. Fear
4. Tesoro Interior
5. The Power
6. You Can Do This
7. Passing Clouds (Ovnimoon rmx)
8. Trance Dance (The Power Of The Intention mix)

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Ovnimoon Records
(CD / Digital Download)
Release date:3/2015


Ovnimoon opens a portal to the Galactic Mind and channels to you a healing frequency of love entitled Holistic. This harmonic message of sonic chakra tuning musical trance dance meditations was created to enable your inner energy centers to be recharged and stimulated forming sacred geometrical patterns. Starting the year right with a monumental achievement that could well stand as the best release of 2015, Holistic is the ultimate intimate and energetically blasting presentation. After a string of albums with messages of self-awareness and self-healing, the music here is loaded with positive messages channeled from the most beautiful and simple wisdoms for what we all need at some emotional level in this life. Holistic is the seventh album by Ovnimoon and the 11th recorded album by Hector Stuardo who always surprises and move's his fans with an outstanding unique sound, full of magic, energy, and modern multidimensional audio wizardry.

This album contains 7 previously unreleased and unique songs plus one exclusive remix with his personal style of progressive and psychedelic trance, tight but warm kick and bass, a story of synths using uplifting massive melodies that also have pristine underlying subliminal vibrations, with beats and bpm's ranging to more rapid paces up to 146, this is a truly unique album for Ovnimoon. The impact of the messages has also been created and molded through collaborations with visionary friends and artists such as Alupran from Chile, who made original recordings of natural sounds of southern Chile for song 6 and also played quartz bowls specially recorded for the Album. We have a return from Itom Lab who played his UfoDrum just as beautifully as a galactic mantra for track 2, plus special female vocals parts with Eve Novak from Austria as the voice of The Spirit and JemInEye from California with magical Incantations on song 4. There was some help from Psydeva of Chile on The Power and a special highlight and tribute to a new rising star Ovnimoon had made a remix of Passing Clouds originally by Dual Resonance, the solo project by Angel from Spirit Architect.

Definitely a must have album for the collection of all fans of the label and the man himself, plus an absolute dance floor filling tool for dj's in all times and places.

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