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Forest Thunder
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Sonica 10 Years Celebration
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eclipse in Japan 2009 - black sun
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Blue Hour Sounds
The Dark Side of Dawn
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Blacklite Records
Good Vibes Connection
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Out Of Orion
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Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
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Bad Sector
GYN-X (Digital Download)
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CRAWFISHER (Digital Download)
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TERRA NINE (Digital Download)
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It Begins at Birth
U-RECKEN (Digital Download)
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Just For Today (ovniep179)
LIQUID FRAME (Digital Download)
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Viking Trip
OPLEWING (Digital Download)
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Be free
SLEEPWALK (Digital Download)
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UCHU (Digital Download)
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Bass Bomb
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Aerospace (spit062)
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Fractal Journey
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Colors in Motion (SPIT074)
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Uncharted vol. 4
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Baga 2000
N3V1773 (Digital Download)
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Synthetic Nature
FRACTAL JOKE (Digital Download)
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biomechanikal twisters
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303 From God
TRAVMA (Digital Download)
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Lost in Luxor
TUTANKHAMON 9000 (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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Free Spirit Vol. 6 - Phosphenes
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Infinity Keepers
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1. Q Factor
2. Un Tram Che Si Chiama Pornodesiderio
3. Zingaropoli
4. August In Black
5. Il Mondo Nuovo
6. Performance

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Effect of the Head’s Mass
(Digipack CD / Digital Download)
Release date:11/2015


The music project Psychotaxi was founded in 2010 by Andrea Bordoni, Luca Bresciani, Lamberto Carboni and Virgile Mermoud, with the release of the namesake EP - also available in free download - which included 3 instrumental tracks balancing hard, psychadelic and progressive metal. They raise and travel with their mind, then descend, always leaving something in exchange. Over the next months the band will start treading the boards of Milan venues and thereabouts (Cox 18, Trok!, Leonkavallo, Malabrocca, Ohibò…), as headliner, as well as opening concerts for known psycadelic, noise and stoner names: Electric Moon, Morkobot, Giobia, Bologna Violenta, Confusional Quartet…After a meeting with the author and journalist Manilo Benigni at the end of 2012, the five members of Psychotaxy have begun to participate in a series of important musical-literary events in Milan, such as "Fuori Orario" at the Utopia Cultural Centre and Bookshop (2013), the Slam X Reading, the Music and Performance Festival at Conchetta/Cox18 (2014), and the Record Store Day 2015 at the historic record store Psycho. Psychadelic hyper amplified echoes, obsessive riffs, electronica with a strongly pulp-tinged vision. In 2015 they are releasing their first album with Subsphera, "Effect of the Head’s Mass": 6 tracks, three instrumental and 3 composed with Benigni. Gianpiero Risico, on saxophone, and Emanuele “Manolo” Cedrone on percussion instruments, were a precious contribution to the album, which shows the band's inclination to space rock and the visionary nature typical of bands likes Hawkwind, Can, Tool, and Ozric Tentacles. But it also includes the search for a new approach to such a prestigious and committed musical tradition. All this clearly represents the two faces of the band: between mathematical instrumental rides, visionary precision, phanta-urban environments an alternating with the rock-reading pieces of the author, in line with the heavy Mental Poetry project. A poetic research which aspires to a new bond with music, making the latter not simply a complement, but an accurate counterpoint to words that aim to be as hard as rocks, as sharp as blades, and as graceful as butterflies. Psychotaxi gives lifts to strangers and friends. They rise and travel with their mind, then descend, always leaving something in exchange. Psychadelic hyper-amplified echoes, obsessive riffs, electronica with a strong pulp-tinged vision.

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