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1. A Single Spark
2. Fire Lock

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Spiral Trax Records
A Single Spark (SPIT066)
(Digital Download)
Release date:11/2015


Spiral Trax has the esteemed honor of presenting two of Israel's hottest talents: Fire Starter & Monolock, both musicians are well established and have a strong fan base supporting their top quality productions. After many years of constant evolution Uriya (Fire Starter) and Sharon (Monolock) take some time to develop this fresh idea together - A Single Spark. Now two massive songs have been created that have their signature style yet combined to form a whole new hybrid sensation. These two dance floor bangers each have a powerful and unique touch. "A Single Spark" starts off with a mysterious and provocative intro that delves deep into your subconscious. The thick weaving bass lines send listeners into an energetic yet introspective space. When the main melody hits, the ignition has begun and there is no stopping where the fire may spread. "Fire Lock" is the 2nd unforgettable track and builds where the first one left off. Now the dance floor is definitely become an inferno of wild pleasure. Fire Starter is Uriya Tenenbaum, originally from, and still living in Be'er Sheva Israel; a city famous for being the birth place of many of the world's most talented music acts. Uriya began producing electronic music from a very young age, releasing his first original tracks back in 1999. With many years of experience producing a variety of electronic music styles, Uriya proudly presents his newest project, FIRE STARTER. Fire Starter can be best described as deep, melodic, Progressive Psychedelic Trance with a very modern style, and a great deal of attention paid to creating a truly high quality level of sound design. Having a strong professional background in engineering, Uriya incorporates his experiences and discipline in order to raise the bar above today's industry standards for electronic music production. In his music, listeners will instantly notice his attention to detail, cosmic atmospheres, and the emotional journey crafted within each and every track. Monolock is the progressive trance project from the sound engineer Graziani Sharon. After 9 years of producing psy trance music under the project name DelGinZOo, he found himself sucked in to the rhythms and beats of progressive trance and began moving in a new direction. Sharon started his way in music back in the 90's as a Dj, playing in private parties and raves around the globe, influenced by classic music ethnic beats and rhythms of nature.

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