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1. The Way Home
2. Divine Falsehoods
3. Vagaries
4. Glass Heart
5. Big Time Line
6. Zoetrope
7. Payola
8. The Left Bank
9. Hulahoop

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Iboga Records
(Digipack CD / Digital Download)
Release date:5/2016


The long awaited return of Tripswitch sees this veteran of the chillout scene reinvent himself as a progressive house producer to be reckoned with. Feeling in need of a fresh direction after 10 years establishing himself as one of the world's premium chillout producers, Nick has been turning out a number of well received progressive house tracks and remixes over the past 4 years and this album is the culmination of steadily upping the tempo in his live performances. Having locked himself in the studio for many months to develop this new sound into something cohesive and uniquely 'Tripswitch', the resulting recordings proved irresistible for Iboga Records, a label with an exemplary record of smashing down the borders between the progressive trance and house scenes. 'Vagabond' is an elegant and refined collection of progressive house, impeccably produced and full of the musicality and emotion that have cemented Tripswitch's reputation in the chillout scene over 15 years of releases, including 2 highly acclaimed albums and numerous singles, EPs and inclusions on compilations from the likes of Jose Padilla (CafA del Mar), Claude Challe (Buddha Bar), Nick Warren (Global Underground, Renaissance), and Gaudi (Iboga Records) among others. For 'Vagabond', Nick has hit the magic formula between reflecting those chillout sensibilities and grabbing the dancefloor by the proverbials. From the incredibly atmospheric opening moments of the first track 'The Way Home', you know this is a release that is going to pick you up and take you places. It's an album of big moments Laden with dancefloor bombs like 'Glass Heart', 'Vagaries', 'Big Time Line', 'The Left Bank' and the aforementioned 'The Way Home', with a nod to progressive trance through 'Payola' and 'Hulahoop', and the calmer but no less magical 'Divine Falsehoods' and 'Zoetrope', Vagabond is a classy collection which is sure to please both fans of Nick's earlier work and the prog house brigade alike. With unique and beautiful artwork by British artist Jeremy Syros Troughton, the release is coming in a variety of sexy formats ' double gatefold vinyl, CD digipack and of course digital, along with a number of exclusive offerings via the album's Pledgemusic campaign. A remix release will follow later in the year with re-rubs from Nick Warren, Be Svendsen, Emok and Vice, Ticon, Geist, Thankyou City and more.

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