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Twisted Records
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Blue Hour Sounds
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Blue Hour Sounds
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Forestdelic Records
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Primal Visions
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Blackout Records
Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
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Purple Hexagon
Quantum Animism 2.0
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Zenon Records
Small Talk Series Vol.7
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Psychotic Epiphanies
PSYCHOZ (Digipack CD / Digital Download)
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feel the pain
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Infinity Tunes Records
Spiritual Molecule
YOLOT & FARVE (Digital Download)
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Warp Brain Records
Kubensia Vol 2
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Serenaii (Digital EP)
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The Kingdom of Magic
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Devil inside me - Digital EP
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ART OF MAN (Digital Download)
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Quantum Frog Productions
Beyond Atom
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MINDBENDERZ (Digital Download)
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Sweet Awakening
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The Machine
JOCID (CD / Digital Download)
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Spiritual Awakening
SPIRITUALIS (Digital Download)
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Inside The Dome
FOODSOUL (Digital Download)
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A Futuristic Fairy Tale
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1. Halojaner (Tranan Remix)
2. Halojaner (Random Remix)
3. Halojaner (Kundalini Remix)
4. Halojaner (Astro-D Remix)
5. Halojaner (Shogan Remix)

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Spiral Trax Records
Halojaner (Remix) (SPIT076)
(Digital Download)
Release date:6/2016


Spiral Trax presents a very special remix EP featuring the classic hit HALOJANER by world reknown super scandinavian psy group LOGIC BOMB. Featuring stellar reworking by Jona Pettersson, Co-founder of LB with his solo project TRANAN. Also presenting a new comer to Spiral Trax, top notch mix by RANDOM, the well known and highly established Usa based producer. Amazing remixes by Astro-D, who we remember from his killer remix of HUXFLUX on the Error Head EP. Also Spiral Trax artist Kundalini makes a powerful fullon style remix. Last but not least we have a powerful progressive goa mix by SHOGAN who you rember from his awesome VIBRASPHERE remix EP last year. Now get ready for the re-mastered re-issue of Logic Bomb's super hit debut album HEADWARE coming very soon. In the mid 90s Sweden was introduced to a new type of dance music brought back from the golden beaches of Goa, India by an adventurous group of friends. Parties were held deep in the mystic forests during summer and attracted a fresh new crowd, enthusiastic for these innovative sounds. Among this crowd were two freshly graduated computer engineers who were struck with a profound fascination for this new music. This enchantment led to the inception of the now infamous musical unit 'Logic Bomb', formed by Jonas Pettersson and Johan Krafft, in 1998. They released their highly thought debut album 'Headware', produced together with fellow Swede, Jonas Bergvall, on Spiral Trax in the year of 2000. Following up on the phenomenal success of 'Headware', their second album 'Unlimited' was released on leading English label TIP World in 2002. After years of silence, things were cooking once again in the bomb-lab, utilizing their highest quality, bleeding edge, digital technology married with the finest analog circuitry of the past they have crafted an album that was both classic and contemporary for that time. Logic Bomb were set to blow up the scene in 2007 with the album Sonic Algebra. After the success with the 4th album "The Grid", a new album is about to be released. This time on the newly created swedish label: Z-Plane Records. A label started by Dennis Tapper, the man behind Hux Flux. So, get ready to be blasted again... Prepare yourself! The fuse is once again lit...

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