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Pattern Theory
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Primal Visions
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Good Vibes Connection
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Book of spirits vol 1
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Daily Dose
HIGHKO (Digital Download)
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Skyway (goaep193)
SKYWAY (Digital Download)
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Personal Trainer
JAMES REIPAS (CD / Digital Download)
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Stop Wars: A New Dope
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Sound Is Everything (Spectrum Noise Edition)
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Alien Abduction
AKOUSTIK (Digital Download)
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Kali Inferno
POST TRAUMATIC (Digital Download)
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Power House
Basic concept (pwrep144)
AESIS ALIEN (Digital Download)
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Theory of the statics (geoep194)
ALIGNMENTS (Digital Download)
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1. Tetris

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Spiral Trax Records
(Digital Download)
Release date:10/2016


Spiral Trax is proud to present one of the most important forefathers of the “fullon” Psytrance sound which basically re-defined the entire trance world, none other than Alien Project. "And who is this Alien; the man behind the mask?" - I hear you ask.... His name, if you don't know by now, is Ari Linker and he hails all the way from Israel, the home of kick-ass, 'up-and-at-em', full-power psychedelic trance....and, I hasten to add, a lot more besides. Israel and her many talented artistes have, for some time now, been at the very forefront of this music, pushing the boundaries, pioneering new sounds and progressing the movement ever onwards for all of us - and Ari Linker is no exception - it would be fair to say that he has most definitely made his mark! For this quintessential single he joins up with one of the youngest but not doubt one of the most talented of the Growling Mad Scientist (GMS) family, none other than Shanti Matkin (formerly known as Juvenile). Together they create a simply insane track invented specifically to drive the dance floor loony. Let's say one word… TETRIS. Bam… unleash the wild video game world and suddenly virtual reality streams out of your speakers and lights everyone on fire with joy. Big punchy sounding synths layer over massive basslines while a fresh soundscape opens the environment for colorful and creative expressions. No doubt a few signature patches will thrill those fans of the classic sound, but you don’t need to take my word for it. This is one of the freshest tracks of the year supported by the biggest DJs and tastemakers the Psytrance world has known. Now enjoy this before too many people play what will go down as a hallmark hit. Look out for another over the top collaboration with the Growly Family as the next Spiral Trax release will be Artificial Beings (Remix by Plasmotek) coming very soon.

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