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1. Shamanism
2. Lucid Dream

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Ovnimoon Records
Lucid Dream
(Digital Download)
Release date:5/2016


Ovnimoon Records welcomes Tripy for this exclusive new single called Lucid Dream with two very special progressive trance style creations. Tripy a.k.a Charlie Xuereb born in Malta in 1977, he felt a strong connection with music at an early age. Tripy was found many times playing music toys as well he was performing out in streets with his uncle in local music festivals in town. Later on when he started to get more involved in the music scene he started to dancing with different rhythms like break dance and hip hop, during his path he meet the sounds of electronic music like house, hard house, experimental techno and minimal until finally he was sucked into the Trance Sounds. The final evolution and transformation happened when Tripy in the year 2000 happened to be in goa, he states that in that place and in that moment he realized what psychedelic Goa music was all about. Before his journey started Charlie was playing with computers and technology devices which where relative to music instruments and so by finding this world of midi and music equipment he soon understood that those where his grow up toys and the Tripy project name was started in 2000. Tripy started as well djing, and along his journey he performed in local clubs outdoor parties and later on in Goa (India) and in Ko Phan Gan Thailand. After all this he decided to transfer himself to Australia where he was based in Sydney until 2010 where he released his 1st debut album Shamanik Concpet and mainly he was focused on more music productions and the mystery of the psychedelic journey rituals In 2010 Tripy returned back to his roots in Malta and he s preparing his 2nd Album. Tripy has released many singles and as well the Shamanik Concept EP while he has already lined up his 1st debut album; Shamanik Concept which is released on Cosmo Sounds Rec, Geomagnetic rec/Digital Drugs Rec ,and can be found in hard copy CD & digital formats shops like BeatPort & Itunes and all the major online shops.

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